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All aspects of recording in Studio C: acoustics, micing, tracking, sequencing, mixing, etc.

80/20 “rule” for Finishing and Releasing my Songs

Whoa, what is going on with failing to finish and releasing my songs?! I was just reading an article from SageAudio – where “The Pareto Principle in reference to mixing says that 80% of results come relatively fast, while the … Continue reading

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Can You Tell a Person by What Sequencer She Owns?

Happy New Year All! I just ran into a colleague at my daytime job who is a very important go-getter department manager and a great musician and songwriter. Now that he is such a big shot and very busy we … Continue reading

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Serendipitiouse Mistakes

I was trying out different keys for one of my songs last to see where the voice sounds better; in the C, regular tuning on the guitar, the melody comes across straining in the higher notes (it does go up … Continue reading

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Mess with it long enough…

So I AM finally putting my websites together and that means a lot of details about the 1and1 servers, how directories work, etc. Lesson quickly learned: if actually mess with this stuff long enough and you don’t really need to … Continue reading

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I am still here!

Going through an organization, phase consolidating files, eliminating computer noise, etc. It’s the only way I can move forward. Last night I was listening to a CD I made for my kids, Take Two, and it really ain’t bad. The … Continue reading

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Bass guitar

For your years I’ve been wanting to get a bass guitar. There’s something about the feel of an instrument in your hands that elicits a certain response, much unlike playing bass lines on the keyboard or on the guitar. The … Continue reading

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Alright, here I come!

Today March 23st 2007 finally took the plunge. Things can get really old while waiting for perfection.

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