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About different aspects of music, including composition.

Shaunna Hall – Summer of Love & My hometown Coimbra, Portugal

Wow, It’s been half a century since the Summer of Love.  As luck would have it (as usual?), I was there to celebrate it earlier this summer with my friend Suzanne who I hadn’t seen in 20 years and my … Continue reading

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Serendipitiouse Mistakes

I was trying out different keys for one of my songs last to see where the voice sounds better; in the C, regular tuning on the guitar, the melody comes across straining in the higher notes (it does go up … Continue reading

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music production?

“Music Production” has certain factory, mass production overtones. Words have overtones; a single word is like the fundamental note, but it resonates in different individuals, triggering other words and images–sometimes unleashing resonant peaks. Music production, musicianship, the thing is, you … Continue reading

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