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Don’t Plan; Just Do It!

Diving deeper, busier, into my career, I realized this morning, just as I’m getting out of bed (ooh, that’s the name of one of my songs) that I have to change my creative paradigm from putting away ideas into finishing … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Religion after seeing the movie The Promise

After seeing the movie The Promise about the Armenians being, let’s say, pushed out, of Turkey, driving home, a bit bummed out, it became really clear to me what religion is for, what role if fulfills in human beings, why … Continue reading

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Life is a Speedway

So much has happened in the last few years; in 2014; in the last few months. So much to share with you; a new life trip is starting now; a new fast lane. Get rid of the old, or the … Continue reading

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Ooh, what happened since my last post?!

It’s just too much what has happened. I’ll fill you in as you go, but let’s say that told the people at my job, that, yes, I would come to Haiti and get our housing project moving again (remember, Jan … Continue reading

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Never mind an earlier post: Family is Happening Again!

That’s right, communication with my special other has been completely rehabilitated… no more “Communication Breakdown!” That sure feels GOOD, now I can focus on music again.

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Check your ego occasionally or you’ll start believing your own BS.

No explanation needed.

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Having serious family issues

Hi dear Blog readers. I apologize for not having posted anything lately. The reason is that I’m devastated with the total Communication Breakdown I’m having with my wife; we’re talking the big D here! I actually don’t know what’s going … Continue reading

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Can You Tell a Person by What Sequencer She Owns?

Happy New Year All! I just ran into a colleague at my daytime job who is a very important go-getter department manager and a great musician and songwriter. Now that he is such a big shot and very busy we … Continue reading

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One Reason we Make Mistakes

For efficiency and speed, that’s why! The faster we want or need to do things the higher likelihood we make a mistake – like running too fast over rough terrain, or playing your instrument at speeds beyond your current capabilities. … Continue reading

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More Staten Island, NY

Just saw a movie on DVD by that title. It was actually quite revealing of the place, with mobsters, people being kind of slow-in-the-head, looking for fame and social upscaling in this forgotten, ugly city sister of Manhattan. It made me think of … Continue reading

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