Serendipitiouse Mistakes

I was trying out different keys for one of my songs last to see where the voice sounds better; in the C, regular tuning on the guitar, the melody comes across straining in the higher notes (it does go up to G). So, taken advantage of putting in new strings and tuning them up, I stopped on the way and recorded in the Key of Ab, then Bb and finally home at C. Well during the Oh part of the Bridge I had an accidental vocal sound very akin to, what I first thought was Native American flute, but later realized it was female throat singing. Wow, that is just the kind of sound(s) the song could use given its theme – it’s called Love Without Wings, and is about our inability to stop war in this world. Here’s to serendipity!

About Cindo Santos

Songwriter, guitarist, singer, performer, a human and social commentator, a fellow traveller. From Florida to Berlin and a lot in between!
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