Staten Island, NY

Just read that Cornelius Vanderbilt, the risk-taking financial mogul, was born in “a Staten Island, N.Y., farming village in 1794. How about that? I lived in the Seventies¬†in Staten Island with my parents, in a little one-bedroom apartment! My song Seven Hours Ago refers to an incident, in 1975,¬†when my girlfriend Sally and I were going to meet and take a bus to Washington, DC, and protest tuition hikes in college. I waited and waited, obviously, for less than seven hours, and went alone, heart broken. “Seven hours ago, was waiting for my baby, but she didn’t show.” And then I “Checked the train and the Greyhound too, checked in the Ferry and the Staten Island Zoo!”

About Cindo Santos

Songwriter, guitarist, singer, performer, a human and social commentator, a fellow traveller. From Florida to Berlin and a lot in between!
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