Can You Tell a Person by What Sequencer She Owns?

Happy New Year All! I just ran into a colleague at my daytime job who is a very important go-getter department manager and a great musician and songwriter. Now that he is such a big shot and very busy we rarely get to talk much about music. Because he did several back-up tracks for his brief performance at the Christmas party the company had (I wasn’t there but people told me it was great), I asked him if he was still using the little multi-track from some 10 years ago… No, of course not, he has been using GarageBand and now… he was upgrading to Logic – Logic 8 mind you, and predictably, immediately put on that attitude that I should try it. I told him I was a longtime Cubase user and had absolutely no reason to switch, that Logic was just huh, too logicfor me, besides, what sequencer you use does not matter – it’s about the music, stupid. I’m just a meat-and-potatoes kind of recordist: open a track, record something into it, do something to it, mix it with other tracks, ah, kickback and enjoy!

Then I realized, yes, he is a manager, technocrat andcool person, it makes some sense he would be using an Apple and Logic, doesn’t it? After-all, Logic people – and power people – claim it’s all about the control. (Would you believe that I still don’t have an iPhone, or a Blackberry, for that matter…)

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