Life is a Speedway

So much has happened in the last few years; in 2014; in the last few months. So much to share with you; a new life trip is starting now; a new fast lane.

Get rid of the old, or the unnecessary clutter, so you can focus on the drive. For example, I digitized┬ámy old VHS tapes (from balloons and very personal) to the hard drive; so, I was tempted to keep the original tapes – but why? If they are not going into a museum show, then garbage bin. There just ain’t enough time to keep looking into the rear view mirror, or worse, take an Exit and revisit a previous Rest Stop. Apply this strategy to everything else. OK, except my 72 cassettes of music ideas dating back to 1975.

About Cindo Santos

Songwriter, guitarist, singer, performer, a human and social commentator, a fellow traveller. From Florida to Berlin and a lot in between!
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