Paralyzed by Fear Less and Less

It’s true, less is more: less fear, more of life! The great news is that I was accepted at the Transmute Retreat in New Smyrna Beach – I’m so excited, I’m so challenged by this (these people are goood), so I lost my fear, I’m jumping right in. It’s time to up the ante, up my game, when it comes to being on stage, to perform, to be entertaining, to tap into the dreams of each person in the audience, taking them on a little excursion…



Anyway, I believe they still have some slots at the retreat, so check it out!

I have great memories of New Smyrna Beach with its very white fine sand and that delicious burger restaurant right at the beach (and I don’t even like burgers that much).

I will be sharing with you on this blog, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, both my progress and some of the bitter-sweet memories of have New Smyrna Beach – you’ll see.

About Cindo Santos

Songwriter, guitarist, singer, performer, a human and social commentator, a fellow traveller. From Florida to Berlin and a lot in between!
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  1. Max Santos says:

    Nice work

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