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I am a songwriter, guitarist, singer, performer, a human and social commentator, a fellow traveller. My act is taking off!

Shaunna Hall – Summer of Love & My hometown Coimbra, Portugal

Wow, It’s been half a century since the Summer of Love.  As luck would have it (as usual?), I was there to celebrate it earlier this summer with my friend Suzanne who I hadn’t seen in 20 years and my … Continue reading

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80/20 “rule” for Finishing and Releasing my Songs

Whoa, what is going on with failing to finish and releasing my songs?! I was just reading an article from SageAudio – where “The Pareto Principle in reference to mixing says that 80% of results come relatively fast, while the … Continue reading

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Lovers Come and Go

​ Hi, I miss your warmth, A little bit. Miss to byte, just a little, Your peachy lip. I miss you giggling At things that aren’t particularly funny, How you call me darling Rather than honey. But, hey, Lovers Come … Continue reading

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Paralyzed by Fear Less and Less

It’s true, less is more: less fear, more of life! The great news is that I was accepted at the Transmute Retreat in New Smyrna Beach – I’m so excited, I’m so challenged by this (these people are goood), so … Continue reading

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Paralyzed by Fear

No, this not the title of some self-help book; this is me now. Fear of commitment to my music career, fear of jumping in the water, fear of not being able to keep with it, stay afloat, once I jump … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Religion after seeing the movie The Promise

After seeing the movie The Promise about the Armenians being, let’s say, pushed out, of Turkey, driving home, a bit bummed out, it became really clear to me what religion is for, what role if fulfills in human beings, why … Continue reading

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I have something to say.

Some people say it in their writing, some people state it in their art, some say it through their work, I say it through my songs.

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I’m breezin’

This post made me feel really good, like I’m on the right track, I got something to share – my music, myself. Of course, I was thinking of Breezin’ by George Benson, a beautiful album that was key to my … Continue reading

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It’s about turning corners

So you got a plan, pretty much, you keep on pushing forward,  and it feels like you’re getting nowhere; you start hearing negative dialogues in your mind – wow, this is hard, I can’t do it… But you keep on … Continue reading

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I’m here!

So much has happened since my last Post that it will take a bit of time to reveal and share with you. The good news: I will be posting regularly now and I’m working full time with my music, yeah!!

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